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Gay Romance Novel

Gay rom com Abundantly Attractive Book Cover
Book Cover for 'Gay Romance Novel' by Tonwand North



ISBN: 9798201547844

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Gay Rom Com Novel

An outrageous tale of self-discovery...
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Liam Perry wants what every poor boy wants: a rich wife, so he can lounge at the poolside, sip cocktails and do what he’s good at—looking gorgeous.

However, a complication arises when he falls at the feet of golden-haired veterinarian, Matt Vern. For the chance collision leaves him not totally against the idea of the future Mrs Perry being a rich Mr Perry.

Except, the animal doctor already has a devilishly handsome boyfriend who turns out to be Liam’s new boss. And worse, this dark-haired Casanova is keen to woo Liam’s trousers off with champagne and sweet flattery.

But with an empty fridge, and rent to pay, Liam can’t afford to lose another job. And with bats, cats, rats, and reindeer also determined to ruin his happily ever after, he needs to decide... how much is love truly worth?

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Hilarious gay romantic comedy that will leave you in stitches.

Read on your phone, tablet, Kindle, or other preferred device.

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Five star review for Gay Rom Com Novel

"This story was so way ott, I loved it dearly!
It has humor, so much humor."

five star review for gay rom com novel

 "Abundantly Attractive was hands down the book that made me laugh and smile the most while reading."

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