Keyboard and Mouse

Sweet Temperaments

Contemporary MM Romance Novella

Can love conquer fear ?

Socially awkward Lewis Fraser longs for a happily ever after.

Except . . .  He's in trouble.

He’s fallen hopelessly for new office colleague

Christopher Wright, who barely says two words.
Christopher avoids others for a reason.

If they're to form a friendship or have a chance at romance Lewis must overcome the stubbornness of a man who's deemed himself unloveable—not easy when you're both terrible at communicating.

Can two imperfect men be perfect for each other?

Lewis Fraser



Birthday:  22 February

Age:  24

Height:  5' 11"

Hair:  Dark


  • Uses Google...a lot

  • Hopeless romantic

  • Indecisive

  • Listens to 80/90s music

  • Loves sci-fi & fantasy

  • Doesn't like sugar in his coffee

Christopher Wright



Birthday:  22 January

Age:  29

Height:  6' 3"

Hair:  Blond


  • Artistic

  • Terrible cook

  • Can be impatient & stubborn

  • Small circle of close friends

  • Coffee with no milk or sugar


Office colleagues


a gay romance novel

Contemporary MM Romance Novella