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How much is love truly worth ?

With an empty fridge, and rent to pay, Liam Perry dreams of finding a rich wife so he can lounge at the poolside, sipping cocktails and doing what he’s good at—looking seductive.

But sometimes the most unexpected encounters can change your life forever.

After a chance collision with a handsome vet leaves Liam not totally against the idea of the future Mrs Perry being a rich Mr Perry a complication arises when his seductive charms hook the eye of the vet’s boyfriend—bigger fish and wealthy businessman, Lawrence Paul. A dark-haired Casanova who’s keen to woo his pants off with champagne and sweet flattery.

As all of Liam’s dreams seem to be coming true, how can he say no?

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A rescued by a handsome stranger, rags-to-riches, romantic comedy full of mishaps with dogs, cats, rats and reindeer.


Gay Romantic Comedy

Sweet Temperaments Office Romance

Contemporary MM Romance Novella

Gay Romance

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